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Oh... I only went out for a little while to practice, but it looks like.. I have managed to catch the chicken pox like everyone else has.

McDohl-san, Hihara-senpai, it might be a good idea for you to keep your distance from me for now. I wouldn't want you to get sick, too.

.... auugh, it itches!

02 - Text

I'm grateful to McDohl-san and Hihara-senpai for letting me stay with them, but.. being stuck in here, it's been difficult to really understand this place. And hard to find a place to practice..

What's this I hear about parasites? Is everyone alright?

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Uhmm... I think I may have taken a wrong turn.. ? I think I turned on the right street, but I don't see the music store..

.. how odd. I've been there a thousand times, but now I've gotten lost?